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Friends ry

Supporting Ukraine's frontline and peace

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Our story

After Russia launched the war of aggression against Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, we started a fundraising campaign in support of Ukraine. A successful campaign and our first aid transport were a motivating start to our operation. We quickly recognized the need to establish an organization in order to secure and enable continued support for Ukraine. This is how Your Finnish Friends (YFF) was born.

You can read about our activities on our website and social media channels. 

How we help Ukraine

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YFF support products

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The shirts, beanies and hoodies designed by Your Finnish Friends and produced by Karren Oy have arrived at the warehouse.


Price list:

I) The shirt is €32 (€26.20 + €5.80 postage),

(ii) The beanie is €22 (€16.20 + €5.80 postage),

(iii) The hoodie is €39 (€32.20 +  €6.80 postage).

The proceeds will be used to support Finns fighting in Ukraine and to cover operations of YFF. If you buy more than one product, you will only be charged one postage fee. The products will be delivered to your desired address.

Order by email from
Only orders made by e-mail will be taken into account.

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